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SMAC/Chapter 606 Requirements for Research Proposals

  1. A research proposal of no more than five double spaced typed pages shall be presented to the committee prior to the deadline. The proposal should follow the outlined model given by the committee.
  2. Funding for each project may be up to $600 in one semester.
  3. Repeat requests for the same project shall be placed in a Type II category and will be considered only after all original proposals are reviewed.
  4. All legal and ethical issues of the project, especially those which require human/animal subjects, shall be investigated and approved by the appropriate university committee before the proposal can be approved. (Contact Research & Economic Development, Derryberry Hall room 308)
  5. The Researcher shall be required to present a report of findings, conclusions, and evaluation of the project.
  6. The committee requires that the project be complete and the report be presented by the researcher to the committee within one year of the proposed start date of the project.
  7. The committee will utilize the following criteria in evaluating research proposals:
    1. To qualify for institutional assistance, research projects must promise significant contributions to knowledge in the field of work.
    2. Applicants should know how research results will be disseminated.
    3. The researcher should be knowledgeable in the area of the proposed research.
    4. Projects must not duplicate research already accomplished by others, but they may represent extensions of such earlier research.
    5. First priority will be given to research aimed at publication or other scholarly use not connected with satisfying the requirements of a degree.
    6. Priority will be given to non-degreed undergraduate students.
    7. In reviewing proposals the committee will carefully look for the following:
      1. Evidence of plans that have been thoughtfully and carefully worked out.
      2. Clear definition of the objective(s), outline of steps, methods, procedures leading to the objective(s).
      3. Thoughtful estimates of required time frames and anticipated needs for aids, equipment, supplies, travel, and other assistance as needed.
      4. If public schools or other outside agencies are involved, prior agreement and permission secured from appropriate persons.
  8. Statements relative to the method of dissemination of the results.
  9. If funds are provided for travel, meals shall not be included in expenses funded by Chapter 606.
  10. According to regulations set forth by the state, any equipment and/or nonconsumable supplies brought with funds from Chapter 606 shall remain the property of this University.
  11. A quorum for the SMAC Research Committee shall consist of a minimum of five students, one administrator/faculty member, one research advisor, and one additional person who is either an administrator/faculty member or a research advisor.
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