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The Tennessee Tech Burnett Recreation Center is a private facility. Memberships are only available to alumni, faculty and staff, part-time students, and Retirees of Tennessee Technological University.  

Dependent memberships are also available for the spouse of alumni, faculty and staff, part-time and full time students, and their children who are under age 22. Individuals must have a membership in order to purchase a dependent membership.

Students who are taking 6 or more credit hours have access to the Fitness Center through student access fees. Students who have less than 6 credit hours can purchase a per semester membership.

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Guest Privileges

  • All Burnett Recreation Center members are entitled to bring up to two guests daily to the facility. Members under 18 are not allowed to sponsor guests at any time. The maximum number of guests per family is four. The daily guest pass rate is $10.
  • A guest pass is valid from when it is purchased until the building closes for the day.
  • The MBRC member must register guests at the reception desk.  
  • Guests ages 16 and older must present a valid government-issued ID.  
  • Guests must complete the guest pass waiver before obtaining access.  
  • Children under five receive free admission.
  • Refunds will not be issued; however, a guest may receive a voucher for a future free visit.
  • Patrons (members or guests) under 18 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times, where both individuals are in the same activity area.  
  • Guests must adhere to all MBRC policies and procedures.
  • Participants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must stay with them at all times. Members and guests must be involved in the same activity. If a member leaves the facility, the guest must also exit.
  • Potential guests may not enter the facility to locate a sponsor.
  • Potential guests may not solicit sponsorship, nor may members sponsor any individual soliciting access on Campus Recreation premises. 
  • Members may rent equipment for guest use. The member will be responsible for any damaged rented equipment.  
  • Intramural Sports spectators will be charged a guest fee. This will not allow the use of any equipment or access to any areas where intramurals are not occurring. 
  • Guests are permitted to leave and return the same day at no additional fee with the member that sponsored their guest pass.
  • Children 15 and under are not allowed in the weight room.
  • Patrons 16 years and older are permitted to use any activity space.
  • Guest Parking at the MBRC is available in the designated spaces in the U Loop. Parking Services provides instructions to register your vehicle for a temporary permit.  

Student Memberships

Students who are enrolled in at least one credit hour at Tennessee Tech University for the current term are eligible for a student membership. Student memberships are paid for with a one-time, upfront fee. 

  Fall and Spring Semester Summer Semester
Individual (taking 6+ hours) $0 $0
Individual (taking 1 to 5 hours) $100 $100
Spouse $75 $50
Child (age 5 to 15) $45 $35
Child (age 16 to 22) $65 $45

Alumni Memberships

Alumni who have received a degree from Tennessee Tech University are eligible for an Alumni Membership. Alumni Memberships are paid with a one-time, upfront fee.

  Per 6 Months Per 12 Months
Individual $275 $425
Spouse $125 $250
Child (age 5 to 15) $65 $65
Child (age 16 to 22) $75 $150

Employee Memberships

Employees of Tennessee Tech University including part-time and full-time faculty and staff are eligible for an employee membership. Employee memberships are paid for at time of enrollment, or by monthly payroll deduction. 

Only current, full-time employees of Tennessee Tech University are eligible for Payroll Deduction. 

Full Cost

Full amount paid at time of enrollment. Per 6 Months Per 12 Months
Employee $160 $310
Spouse $100 $190
Child (age 5 to 15) $65 $65
Child (age 16 of 22) $75 $95

Payroll Deduction (Annual Salary below 30k)

  Cost Per Month
Employee $16
Family Total $12
Locker $4
Towel $4

Payroll Deduction (Annual Salary above 30K)

  Cost Per Month
Employee $25
Family Total $15
Locker $4
Towel $4

Locker Rentals and Towel Service

  Per 6 Months Per 12 Months
Large Locker $35 $45
Towel Service $35 $45

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