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Campus Rec SealTennessee Tech University Campus Recreation supports the concept of student employment. In addition to earning money to help cover educational cost and living expenses, students can gain significant experience and life-long skills from their work. In support of that concept, Campus Recreation strives to provide job opportunities through the Fitness Center and Intramural Sports that require various levels of responsibility, experience, and skill. Student employees are not entitled to university benefits.

Student Employee Positions and Job Descriptions

Intramural Student Employee Positions and Job Descriptions

Student involvement is a top priority for the Tennessee Tech Intramural Sports program. Each year, we provide leagues or tournaments during almost every week of the semester. Utilizing only current students to help supervise, officiate and keep the score for games allows us to offer several jobs to Tennessee Tech students. If you are a sports minded person or a student with playing or officiating experience, we would love to have you join our team!

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