Campus Community Health • HEERF I, II & III

Whitson-Hester School of Nursing

Faculty and Staff


Kim Hanna


Dr. Kim Hanna

Phone: 931-372-3547

Kim Hanna's Profile

Barbara Jared


Dr. Barbara Jared

Phone: 931-372-3460

Barbara Jared's Profile

Faculty and Instructors

AJ Donadio

Headshot of AJ Donadio

Phone: 931-372-6812

AJ Donadio's Profile

Amanda Jones

Phone: 931-372-3681

Amanda Jones' Profile

Ann Hellman

Ann Hellman

Phone: 931-372-6813

Ann Hellman's Profile

Ashleigh Snow

Phone: 931-372-3617

Ashleigh Snow's Profile

Bedelia Russell

Bedelia Russell

Phone: 931-372-3689

Bedelia Russell's Profile

Brittany Allison

Brittany Allison's Profile

Dolores Bowman

Headshot of Dolores Bowman

Phone: 931-372-6840


Emily Lee

 Emily Lee

Phone: 931-372-3708

Emily Lee's Profile

Geeta Maharaj

Phone: 931-372-3679

Geeta Maharaj's Profile

Heather Cathey

Heather Cathey

Phone: 931-372-6815

Heather Cathey's Profile

Jennifer Mabry

Jennifer Mabry

Phone: 931-372-6803

Jennifer Mabry's Profile

Keisha Butler

Headshot of Keisha Butler

Phone: 931-372-6831

Keisha Butler's Profile

Lynette Harvey

Phone: 931-372-6807

Lynette Harvey's Profile

Mary LeFave

Phone: 931-372-3228

Mary LeFave's Profile

Mary Lou Fornehed

A picture of Mary Lou Fornehed

Phone: 931-372-6808

Mary Lou Fornehed's Profile

Matthew Langford

Phone: 931-372-3465

Matt Langford's Profile

Melissa Geist

Melissa Geist

Phone: 931-372-6305

Melissa Geist's Profile

Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall

Phone: 931-372-6814

Rachel Hall's Profile

Robert Sarfo

Robert Sarfo

Phone: 931-372-6832

Robert Sarfo's Profile

Sarah Guimaraes

Sarah Smith

Phone: 931-372-3279

Sarah Guimaraes' Profile


Shelia Hurley

Shelia Hurley

Phone: 931-372-6805

Shelia Hurley's Profile

Stacey Browning


Phone: 931-372-6809

Stacey Browning's Profile

Stacie Rothfus

Phone: 931-372-3753

Stacie Rothfus' Profile

Sue Piras

Sue Piras

Phone: 931-372-6810

Sue Piras' Profile

Tammy Howard

Tammy Howard

Phone: 931-372-6804

Tammy Howard's Profile

Toni Roberts

Photograph of Toni Roberts

Phone: 931-372-6810

Toni Robert's Profile


Cary Cass

Lab Coordinator

Cary Cass

Phone: 931-372-6785

Cary Cass' Profile

Charla McPeake

Clinical Coordinator

Charla McPeake

Phone: 931-372-3639

Charla McPeake's Profile

Erin Murray

ASPIRES Coordinator

Erin Murray's Profile

Jason Hurley

Director of Simulation

Phone: 931-372- 6802

Jason Hurley's Profile

Rasma Motykowski

Financial Associate

Rasma Motykowski

Phone: 931-372-3213


Sarah Davidson

Academic Specialist

Sarah Farris

Phone: 931-372-6800

Sarah Farris' Profile

Tyler Gentry

Waldhys Rodoli

Director of Operations

Phone: 931-372-6801


Student Success Center

Benjamin Clark

Director of Student Success

Benjamin Clark

Phone: 931-372-3229

Ben Clark's Profile

Jamie Gunter


Jamie Gunter

Phone: 931-372-3846

Jamie Gunter's Profile

Shanna Rodgers


Phone: 931-372-6188

Shanna Rodger's Profile

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