Angelo & Jennette Volpe Library


Patron Conduct

  • Patrons must use headphones when playing music or sound files in the library.
  • The third floor is for quiet study.  Patrons must whisper only and minimize noise.  Loud patrons will not be permitted on the third floor.
  • Disruptive patrons will not be permitted in the library.

Approved 07/27/2017 by Coordinators' Council


Non-Tennessee Tech Computer Users

There is one computer for users not affiliated with Tennessee Tech, available on a first-come, first-served basis anytime the library is open.  Users must sign an agreement, which includes:

  • Use is limited to 30 minutes if another non-Tennessee Tech user is waiting.
  • Users must adhere to copyright laws, licensing agreements, and the Tennessee Tech Code of Computing Practices.
  • Users found in violation of these policies will no longer be allowed to use the guest computer.

Approved 07/27/2017 by Coordinators' Council

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