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In Full Flight

Back together and better than ever.

Tennessee Tech is committed to always putting students first. That’s why we are preparing to resume primarily in-person classes, activities and events on campus. Our mission is to serve students, and while technology has been invaluable over the past year in facilitating classes, the friendships and connections of a traditional on- campus experience cannot be replaced. Wings Up for Fall 2021!

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Tech Fall 2021

Tennessee Tech will be in full flight for Fall 2021, offering students the in-person classes and campus activities they expect from a full college experience.  

Entering freshmen will find more than 80 percent of classes offered are in-person. Less than 15 percent are a hybrid of in-person and online, and only about five percent are completely online. 

In full flight also means that Tech is prepared to adjust to any challenges that could arise related to the health and safety of the campus community. 

We are here to help. Call or email if you don't find an answer to any question.

Latest Updates

June 30, 2021

Be prepared this fall to enjoy events, activities and classes by starting your COVID-19 vaccinations now. Vaccines continue to be available at Tech’s Health Services and in Putnam County.  

To develop immunity in time for fall classes to start, take your first vaccination soon. Here is a helpful calculator to let you know the dates for your second dose and expected immunity. 

Let’s Protect and Respect our campus community so we can fully live Wings Up this fall. 


June 10, 2021 

Classrooms are expected to be back to 100% capacity this fall. As the university continues to prioritize a healthy, safe and inclusive environment for everyone, going back to full capacity allows Tech to operate in the best interests of students and the university as a whole.  

Members of the campus community are encouraged to take advantage of vaccinations on campus. To schedule your COVID-19 vaccination, please contact Health Services at (931) 372-3320. Face coverings are not required for those who are fully vaccinated. Please respect those who choose to wear face coverings.   

In Full Flight