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We hope you'll consider Tech Honors your own: a place in which you can dream and be practical at the same time. There are as many ways of being a successful Honors student as there are students, and it's our pleasure to work with you.

If you are considering applying for Fall 2024: Read For Prospective Students, then follow the links you'll find there to be fully informed--this step will help you write a better application.  Apply before SOAR for maximum readiness. 

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Whether you are a junior or a senior in high school, this website can help you get started. You may then wish to make an appointment to visit us during the academic year. See Honors in full swing, talk to our Honors student ambassadors, visit the Honors Lounge, and discuss your interests and concerns. These visits are typically arranged during the lunch hour, so that you have the option of meeting casually before or after your general visit to the campus.

Getting a head start on college applications? Get to know us by browsing the materials on our website, and then by getting in touch with the right person if you have specific questions.

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