Honors Program

Not sure Honors at Tech is for You?

Make sure you know what Tech's Honors Program is about.

Every year, we hear about a talented student who missed out on the Honors Program because of a misperception.

Here's a list of some of the myths and reservations we've heard from prospective students over the years—along with responses from those who know and benefit from Honors.

  1. “I don't care about getting awards and belonging to special societies—it's so elitist.”
    The Tennessee Tech Honors Program is a friendly community of students from many backgrounds. It's not a weed-out program; Honors students help each other succeed.
  2. “I’m going to be too busy. How would I fit it in?”
    Almost all Honors classes substitute for those you already have to take. After Honors 1010, you can fulfill Tennessee Tech’s core curriculum course requirements (such as history, literature, and chemistry) with Honors sections. You can choose Honors colloquia or directed studies for elective credit.
  3. “The most important thing in college is taking the courses in my major, so I don't want anything to distract from that.”
    Rather than distracting, Honors can make your coursework a more interesting, engaging path toward how you will succeed in your chosen career. Honors classes and Honors Experiential Learning, individualized class projects and advising, workshops, and conferences are among the benefits that work in and with your major. And early registration helps you get your courses on a schedule that fits your major's needs.
  4. “There aren't any Honors courses offered in my major.”
    Besides the Honors courses offered in core curriculum classes, you can also do research or innovative service related to your major can also count for Honors credit. You can get started exploring these options through an Honors contract: design a project with a professor to receive Honors credit for a regular class.
  5. “In high school, I just worried about getting into college. I'm not going to spend my freshman year worrying about what comes after college.”
    Burnout from high school makes sense--that's why Tennessee Tech Honors creates a different kind of atmosphere for freshmen. Honors is about depth of interest, not about doing more work. You've arrived: a bigger work load isn't what Honors is about. Instead of competing, Honors freshmen get to know each other and their professors. Big Sibs, the Honors Lounge, the freshman retreat, Honors Housing, and tailored advising are a few ways Honors makes this an enjoyable freshman year.
  6. “It just doesn't interest me. What's the point?”
    In Honors, there's something for almost everyone. If there isn't, the Honors staff and students can help you design something new. That's where most Honors activities come from: student questions and ideas. So if you have a passion for something, Honors can help you personalize a path toward making that passion a part of your major, your career, your life. We'll provide the experience and community.
  7. “I'm looking forward to playing sports and joining a sorority.”
    Many successful, involved Honors students play sports, belong to sororities and fraternities, serve in student government, and are active in organizations on and off campus. Explore!
  8. “Someone told me you have to stay here on weekends to be in Honors.”
    Like many Tennessee Tech students, Honors students often go home on weekends. Honors offers weekend events, but only one is required: a one-time Honors exploration experience, which allows you to choose between one of several activities (such as a retreat, service project, or leadership workshop) organized by Honors to introduce you to the Honors community.
  9. “I just wanted to make registration and my first semester as straightforward as possible. It seems so complicated.”
    With the help of Honors students and our staff, Honors can make your experience less stressful. Even if you've already registered, it’s not too late to join Honors. After you read about us on the website, fill out an application, and add Honors 1010 to your fall schedule. Make an appointment to talk to us to find out more.
  10. “I just can’t decide yet.”
    If you’d like to try out Honors, take Honors 1010 in the fall. If you decide it’s not for you, no harm done. Honors might make all the difference for you.