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How to Apply to Honors: Get Ready

Our First-Year Honors Application for Fall 2023 is here!

If you wish to apply for Spring 2023, our new application for students who are already in college (transfer or continuing full-time students at Tech) will be posted in October.  Thank you for your interest in Honors!

  • Apply to Tennessee Tech. 
  • Apply for Financial Aid at Tennessee Tech by December 15 if you wish to be considered for scholarships.
  • Browse our Tech Honors website to learn about what we offer.
  • Read the Prospective Students section, and look through the Current Students section to ensure that you understand the benefits and requirements of Tech Honors.
  • Complete the correct application. The new 2023 Application for First-Year Students will post in September. The application for 2023 transfer or continuing Tech students will post in mid-October under "Transfer and Continuing Students" on the Honors website.
  • Here's how to schedule a visit:  Go to Visit Tennessee Tech (  Click on the yellow "Schedule Now!" button. Indicate the you want to visit with an Honors Ambassador as part of your campus tour.  
      • Dedicated and trained Honors students contribute their hard-earned free time to meet with students and parents. Please schedule and confirm a meeting well in advance. The commitment of time and energy by Tech Honors Student Ambassadors reflects their commitment to you, as well as their enthusiasm for Honors!

( If you are a transfer or current Tech student see "For Transfer and Continuing Students" for the correct application form.)

After receiving notification that you are admitted to Honors:

  1. If you would like to live in the Honors Residence Hall (Murphy Hall):
    • You must use Residential Life's Online Application Process for campus residence halls.
    • Spots fill up fast, so applying for on-campus housing early and selecting Murphy (the Honors hall) as your first choice after Honors admission will greatly increase your chance of getting a spot--Honors Housing is a popular choice.
    • For more information, see the Honors Housing webpage.
  2. If you are an out-of-state/international student who wishes to apply for the HAS, you must apply for the HAS online in addition to applying for admission to the Honors Program.
  3. When you come to SOAR:
    If you've been notified of acceptance to the Honors Program, be sure to attend all Honors sessions to fully complete the admission process. They will be listed on your SOAR itinerary.

Tech Honors might not be what you expected.

The 2022 Honors Program Application is now available! We look forward to getting to know you.

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