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Admission Fall Residency

Clinical Practice is an integral part of the Office of Teacher Education’s teacher candidate preparation at Tech.

OTE plans quality experiences in school settings ranging from classroom observational experiences early in the program to pre-residency experiences where beginning instructional skills are practiced under the direction of a mentoring teacher. The culminating clinical experience is designed to use gained knowledge, add first-hand information, interact with on-site professionals, polish developed skills, and explore teaching styles.

Candidates should begin working on the steps for Admission into Residency during the prior Spring semester.

NOTE: Candidates who do not meet the requirements and/or have their programs delayed, should contact Residency Coordinator, Susan Collins,

Candidates must meet the following four (4) requirements prior to beginning the steps to enter into Residency :

1. An inclusive GPA of 2.75 (excluding developmental classes).

2. ALL courses except Residency on your Program of Study.

3. Satisfactory completion of ALL CLEP tests (if applicable).

4. A minimum grade of "B" or higher must be earned in all courses that are designated field-experience or technology related, or include a major field experience.

Candidates can track program requirements by using the
Benchmark Form for Residency.

Undergraduate Benchmarks

Step 1 / Submit Intent to Participate by January 31st

Intent to Participate

Step 2 / Complete the Disposition Self-Assessment & Request by March 31st

Disposition Self-Assessment

You must list two "raters"; one education content instructor and one practicum mentor. 

Step 3 / Pass Praxis II Exam(s)

Candidates should attempt Praxis II Exam(s) with constructed response* NO LATER than May 31st. 

*See Benchmarks for Student Teaching for a list of Praxis exams with constructed response.

Candidates should attempt Praxis II Exam(s) with selected response NO LATER than June 30th.

NOTE: OTE must have passing scores for the Praxis II Exam(s) prior to beginning Residency.

Step 4 / Submit Application for Graduation by June 1st


Step 5 / Submit CPR, AED, and First Aid Certification

Students must submit proof of certification by June 30th. The certifications coverage must be valid throughout Residency.

Online certifications are NOT accepted.

Submitting Steps 5 & 6 (options)

Option 1: Deliver in person to T.J. Farr Building, Rm 103.

Option 2: Send by email to Hailie Lee,

Option 3: Send by fax to 931-372-6286.

Step 6 / Professional Liability Insurance

Submitting Step 6 (same as above)

Submit evidence of professional liability insurance by June 30th. You may use professional organizations such as NEA, PET, Christian Educators, MTNA, etc. The insurance coverage must be valid throughout Residency.

Step 7 / Complete the Background Check Process

Background Check steps and fingerprinting should be completed and submitted by November 30th. Please review and follow the steps outlined in the guide below:


Complete these two (2) forms and return to Mrs. Carrie Harris in TJ Farr, Room 102 or by email at



NOTE: The two (2) forms above require a physical signature.

This step is in addition to the background check required for OTE Admission.

NOTE: As candidates complete Residency and near the end of their senior year, the following requirements must be met prior to graduation and receiving a Tennessee teaching license.


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