Higher Education Ph.D. Online

Welcome to Fall 2023!

The online Ph.D. in Higher Education is designed for professionals in the field who are interested in using data science to best prepare students and confront challenges facing higher education.


Success and informed professionalism in these areas is vital in today’s competitive university landscape. A terminal (doctoral) degree provides students an opportunity to move into professional roles as they gain more experience. In today’s data-driven, evidence-based context, the knowledge and skills garnered through this program will contribute to additional growth and success and situate them for greater contributions to their institutions.

The program will provide preparation to be adapted to any post-secondary role with a focus to improve college access, student success, and persistence to completion. Driven by data science, program candidates will apply actionable approaches to face challenges confronting higher education. Ph.D. candidates will also learn to use cutting-edge technology to best serve students and guide higher education practices and policies.

Graduates will use their data science knowledge and skills to guide colleges and universities, state higher education agencies, foundations, and related associations.

College of Education
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

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