Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison


Paul  Harrison


Research Specialist



Email Address:


(931) 372-6033


Volpe Library (LIBR) 362 / Box 5103


With a passion for emerging technologies, Paul Harrison has always enjoyed using the latest tools to create interactive apps and websites. He started creating professional apps and websites while pursuing a BSBA degree in Business Management majoring in Management Information Systems in the early 2000s. Paul also started working at the iCube as a student worker.
Early in his career, Paul made interactive CD-ROMs using Adobe Flash. The CDs featured videos, slideshows and games. Paul worked on dozens of CD projects for distance education, training, tourism/economic development and local businesses.
As Web 2.0 progressed, Paul was able to create more sophisticated websites with the help of the content management system Drupal. The first website that Paul created with Drupal was for the Ollie Otter booster seat and seat belt safety education program. The site needed a system to organize the hundreds of press releases, events and artwork sent to Ollie from school children.
The rise in popularity of smartphones brought more exciting opportunities and challenges for Paul to embrace. Websites needed to be mobile friendly and clients wanted their presence in the app stores. Paul’s first app project was for the Tennessee Aquarium. It was developed in the Titanium Javascript API platform and the content could be updated through a Drupal-powered website portal. The app is still available in both Apple and Android app stores.
Paul’s more recently acquired skills include cross-platform desktop app development with Electron and front-end development with React. He has also developed mobile apps with Unity. He now maintains dozens of Drupal/Wordpress websites and mobile apps.
Paul and his wife met through an online dating service. The biggest passion they share is traveling. They now have two children who seem to be at home on the road just as much as their parents.