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Pursuing a major in Foreign Languages at Tennessee Tech will literally introduce you to a different world. Nothing can compare to the changed perspective, heightened awareness and enhanced critical thinking skills that come with studying another language and culture. 

From small class sizes to study abroad to caring faculty, the DFL is a hidden gem at Tennessee Tech. Come visit us and find out how a B.A. in Foreign Languages can set you on the path to an exciting life and career!


Benefits of Learning a Second Language

You will gain an expanded understanding of, and appreciation for, other peoples and cultures. You can't even begin to imagine how much ethnic and cultural values differ until you gain access through the inside - through language. Learning another language can change your perspective and your life!

When you know another language, you have a competitive edge in the job market over those who only know English. Many employers recognize the tremendous value of bilingual employees.

Learning a second language can improve your analytic and interpretive capacities. More and more employers are realizing that prospective employees who have studied a second language have better all-around critical thinking skills, even if the job isn’t directly related to the foreign language!

Studying a second language can improve your skills and grades in math and English and improve entrance exam scores (ACTs, SATs, GREs, MCATs and LSATs).

It’s fun! You may discover a unique pleasure in the ability to enjoy foreign films, music and other arts when you understand the original language and culture in which the work was created.

Our Physical Space

The Department of Foreign Languages is located on the second floor of Oakley Hall, at the southeast corner of the beautiful main quadrangle. The main office is in Room 227. Most FL faculty offices and classrooms, as well as a student lounge/study area called the Euro Café, are conveniently located within this area.

The Euro Café provides a relaxed atmosphere for students to gather between classes. It also gives students additional opportunities to practice the languages they‘re studying through informal conversations with each other. We invite you to stop by and see our recently renovated space!

The Tennessee Tech Polyglot

The Tennessee Tech Polyglot is the annual newsletter of the Department of Foreign Languages. It is published each fall semester in both electronic and hard-copy form. Here is the link to all issues.

Mission Statement

The Department of Foreign Languages is proud to offer foreign language courses and extracurricular opportunities that prepare our students to compete in today’s global marketplace. The major in foreign languages (with concentrations in French, German or Spanish) cultivates foreign language proficiency and cultural understanding in our students to equip them for success in a wide variety of careers and for postgraduate studies. Students may also double major, earn a minor or become an International Business and Cultures (IBAC) major, a joint degree between the College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Department of Foreign Languages also offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to help international students who are non-native speakers of English to attain sufficient linguistic competency to be successful in ENGL 1010 and subsequent coursework at Tennessee Tech.

The Department supports study abroad experiences for majors and non-majors alike, and promotes cultural awareness through classes taught in English for non-majors. Furthermore, we organize symposia, film series, lectures and cultural events in order to foster international awareness and cultural understanding. Summing up, the ongoing mission of the Department of Foreign Languages is to play a major role in the cultural education of Tennessee Tech students through our foreign language courses and the cultural activities we offer throughout the year. By so doing, we support Tennessee Tech’s flight plan by (1) Improving the undergraduate student experience by expanding their cultural horizons; (2) Utilizing technology as tools to enhance foreign language and cultural learning; and (3) Creating distinctive programs that aim to improve our students’ marketability in today’s multicultural environment.



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